Learning Made Intentional

I am Godwin Owusu Frimpong, an instructional designer and a professional teacher with thirteen years of teaching experience. I have the necessary skills to develop effective learning experiences on how humans learn, theories, and multimedia design principles.


My ability to sustain the interest of the learner while reducing cognitive load to enhance learning and retention is what drives my quest for considerately designed learning solutions.

My tactic is guided by my Master of Education in Information Technology, Google UX Design, and self-learning. I follow instructional design models, theories, and practices to design learning experiences. I put the learner at the center of the learning process, and I assess in order to identify skills and knowledge gaps that need to be addressed for positive change.

Once a plan is in place, I build experiences with engagement and creativity in mind. It's not enough for me to simply deliver content; it needs to be fresh, stimulating, and memorable.

I also follow the standard procedure of an alpha and a pilot test of my learning experience before implementing it, ensuring the experience you receive is the best I have to offer.

Let’s connect so I can show you how lively our partnership could be.